Spring Season

We have two separate and related teams in the spring season: B-Team & Spring Team. The B-league is a high school development league for non-AAA players. The spring team is a feeder program for 5th-9th graders interested in playing hockey for Priory in the future.


B-Team: For non-AAA players born in 2007-2009. Boys and girls.

Spring Team: For players born between years 2008-2011 (5th-9th grade). All abilities are welcome. Boys and girls.


B-Team: Official season is April - June playing on weekends only and a total of 10 games. We will begin rostering in November and play "friendly" games against other programs throughout the winter. A pre-season tournament may also be played in March.

Spring Team: Official season is April-May and 9 games plus at least 1 (up to 3) playoff games. We will begin rostering in late-February.


B-Team: Games are played at various rinks in the St. Louis area. Practices are played at Queeny Ice Rink & Maryville University Hockey Center.

Spring Team: All games are played at Webster Ice Rink. No practices are played.


B-Team & Spring Team: Due to numerous spring conflicts with elite-level tryouts, lacrosse, baseball, etc., NO practices are scheduled during the actual spring season. Just show up and play hockey games as available.

B-Team: During the winter hockey season, B-team players are invited to practice alongside the varsity team on Wednesday night at Queeny Ice Rink and Sunday's at Maryville.


B-Team: 10 games on weekends only.

Spring Team: 9 games plus 1-3 playoff games.


Jersey are provided for B-Team and Spring Team. B-Team jerseys must be cleaned and returned at the end of the season. Spring team jerseys are your to keep. Socks are provided as well and are yours to keep.


B-Team: $900 per player. This covers the cost of practice ice in the winter, tournament fees, league fees, and jerseys/socks.

Spring Team: $250 per player. This covers the league fee and jerseys/socks.

Payment can be made via check made out to "Priory Hockey" or you can VENMO money to @STLPriory with "Club Hockey" in the MEMO line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend Priory to play on the spring or B-team?

No, you do not. With the spring team we prioritize those interested or early admitted to Priory but anyone, boy or girl, are welcome to play.

You also do not need to attend Priory to play on the B-team. However, if the player desires to be promoted up to the varsity Priory team, he will need to either attend a school that does not have a high school hockey program or enroll at Priory.

Is there body checking?

B-team, yes. Spring team, no.

What rules are played?

B-team plays youth hockey rules. Spring team plays high school rules (touch-up offsides, icing on penalty kills). It's backwards, I agree.

Why aren't there practices for these leagues?

Due to the timing of this league and the potential for conflict between our B-team and Spring team ( as well as spring sports (lacrosse, baseball, tennis, etc.) we will not be holding practices. You just show up, play, build comradery with your future and current teammates, and have fun! 

I can't make every game, can I still play?

Make the games you can, even if it is a partial game. If you are playing a spring sport or on a travel team, obviously that takes priority over spring-league hockey. However, if you are free, we expect you there. Our coaching philosophy is very simple with this team. We will roll lines and give everyone an equal opportunity. Want to try a new position? This is the team to experiment with that. We are especially looking for defensemen and can always use goalies. 


I’m already playing B-team, can I play Spring as well? 

Absolutely. Play as much hockey as you want so long as you are eligible!


I’m already playing B-team, do I have to play Spring?

No. This is additional ice time where the competition is younger and not as physical.  


Info: B-Team

Details: Birth year 2007-2009, no AAA players.

Season information: 2022-23.

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